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Parks & Playgrounds

There are several parks in Glen Rock, some of which are just green spaces and others with amenities ranging from playgrounds to tennis courts.

Glen Rock is also lucky enough to have easy access to the Bergen County Park system located at the intersection of Alan Road and Prospect Street.
The Glen Rock area provides park-goers with a surprising number of amenities all accessible via the multi-use path, including 2 tennis courts, a playground,  picnic areas and 2 pavilions both with electric*. Model boating* and fishing can be enjoyed at the pond (NJ State Fishing License Required) (*permit required). In winter the park remains open for ice-skating when conditions allow. 

Amenities: Fishing (NJ State Fishing License Required), Tennis courts (2), Ice-skating, Picnicking - Pavilion with electric, Playground, Model boating (by permit)
saddle river county park map
County Parks & Bike Paths
The Saddle River County Park, maintained and operated by the Bergen County Parks Department, is a 577-acre park that meanders with the Saddle River right through Glen Rock. There are five major park areas (one of which is the Glen Rock area) that are linked by a bike and pedestrian path that travels from Ridgewood to Rochelle Park and is approximately 6 miles in length.  
The Bergen County Park System features a nationally accredited zoo, five golf courses, 21 parks, two horseback riding areas, an environmental center, and nine historic sites. 
To learn more about the Bergen County Parks visit their website.

Glen Rock Parks and Fields

Glen Rock offers a variety of outdoor spaces for all residents to enjoy. For questions about any of our parks please call (201) 670–3951 ext.1

Passive Parks

These parks provide open space for Glen Rockers to picnic and enjoy the outdoors.
Corner of Rodney St. and Main St.
  • Home of Glen Rock’s 9/11 Memorial
  • Features: Picnic tables and benches
Open space between Norwood Ave. and Elizabeth St.
  • No benches or tables
Glen Ave. across from Starbucks
  • Features: Picnic tables
Corner of Rock Road and Maple Avenue
  • Water feature

Sports fields

At the end of Sycamore Terrace
  • Features: Baseball diamond
  • Street parking
240 Main Street
  • Features: Baseball diamond
  • Street parking

320 Bill Gilligan Lane

  • Features: Baseball, soccer, football, and lacrosse fields
  • Street parking
Maple Ave. across from Ambulance Corp
  • Features: Lacrosse, football and soccer fields, baseball diamonds
  • Bathroom (seasonal)
  • Parking lot

Active Parks

These parks offer more active features for outdoor recreation.
Entrance on Prospect St. at Alan Ave.
  • Features: benches, picnic tables, play equipment, walking and biking paths, trout stocked fishing waters (NJ State Fishing License required)
  • Bathrooms (may be seasonal)
  • Parking lot
Doremus Ave., pool complex
  • Features: play equipment, swings
  • Bathroom (seasonal)
  • Parking lot
Maple Ave. across from Ambulance Corps
  • Features: play equipment, swings, bocce court, tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts
  • Bathroom (seasonal)
  • Parking lot

460 Doremus Ave.

  • Features: benches and walking paths
  • Street parking

In Faber Field complex

  • Features: two separate fenced in areas for small and large dogs, shaded gazebo
  • water source and trash receptacles
  • Parking lot

Main St. between Birchwood Rd. and Ferndale Ave.
  • Plots for growing organic herbs and vegetables may be obtained subject to availability
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